• Debra Vincent

The Canadian Bar Association Has Chosen My Artwork

The Canadian Bar Association has chosen 4 of my designs that will be used as part of the CBA's commitment to responding to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action.

In a report, the Commission gave the government and the country 94 Calls to Action. The Canadian Bar Association is taking the initiative and doing their part in the process as well. Leanne Plamondon of the CBA sent me a message:

Your art will be displayed on the CBA Truth & Reconciliation web pages, future online videos, social media pages, and/or downloadable resources. 

Here are the pieces they wish to show on their site:

It is wonderful to see changes in the works - changes in attitudes and changes in representation. When the CBA's website are ready, i will update and add a link to the pages featuring my work.

To learn more about how the government is delivering on these calls to action, click here.

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