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Pillow Covers and Canvas Totes - New Ways to Share Inspiration!

Just a little while ago, I did some work with acrylics and an image of the flying eagle. I really like how the acrylic colour jumps out and moves - it grabs the eyes, but there are subtle differences and changes too.

The acrylics really opened up the background for the eagle, giving that feel of motion and flight.

But, a couple of very different ideas came to me with these paintings - what if we could change the material the image is on, something everyone could appreciate?

The result? Pillow covers and canvas totes! You can order them from me now! I've done the orange eagle on the cushion covers and the black background eagle in a tote bag.  In response to a couple of requests, I have now ordered the tote bags in the orange as well.

The orange theme is available in a suede-like fabric pillow covers. Both the orange and black themes are available in canvas totes.

Contact me for more details. Let's get inspired and fly!

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