• Debra Vincent

The Peace Tree - Pen and Ink

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

The Tree of Peace is central to the Haudenosaunee. The official title of the confederacy is Kayanerenh-kowa (the Great Peace) but it is also known as Kanonsionni (the Long-House).

The white pine, or the tree of the Great Long Leaves, has roots which can stretch out in all directions. The eagle is known for its sense of vision. It watches the tree and the surrounding land for danger.

The Great Law of Peace ended the cycle of continuous conflict and war. If another group wished to join the League, its people would have to follow the White Roots of Peace to the source. Then, everyone would be able to take shelter beneath the peace of the tree.

The Peace Tree is not just an important symbol from the past. It is an important source of inspiration for me and my family.

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