• Debra Vincent

A Very Special Gift for a Special Person - My Work on IndigenArtsy

This week I received an amazing note from someone who purchased 2 of my Pen & Ink works. They are going to be a gift to her son - a very special gift for a special person!

Letters like this one really touch the heart. This is why both art and family mean so much to me... and it is wonderful to see other families have that same kind of connection.

Hi Debra,
I recently purchased 2 of your Pen & Ink from IndigenArtsy and I felt compelled to tell you how beautiful they are. I purchased them for my 22 year old son who is completing his Degree in Forestry, majoring in Forestry Conservation. They are a very special gift for a special person! Thank you for being a part of that.
Stay well,

And thank you Susan! This was exactly the kind of message I needed to keep going in these tough times!

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